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  • The index provides coverage of a broad array of sectors, and sub-indexes are available in any combination of currency, maturity, rating, and more.

    The index can also be easily customized to meet the most specific investment needs and portfolio risk profiles.

    Customization options for FTSE Russell's range of fixed income indexes include asset class, industry, geography, currency, maturity, rating, issue/issuer size, weighting methodology, and other market parameters.

Design Criteria and Calculation Methodology

The Eurodollar Bond Index includes fixed-rate (including zero-coupon) Eurodollar, global, Dragon bonds, certain asset-backed, and euro medium-term notes. Rule 144A corporate securities are included only if they have registration rights. Citi Fixed Income Indices also publishes returns on the subset of bonds issued by non-US entities.

The Eurosterling Bond Index includes fixed-rate eurosterling, global, Dragon bonds, and certain asset-backed and euro medium-term notes.

The Euroyen Bond Index includes fixed-rate euroyen, global, Dragon bonds, and certain asset-backed and euro medium-term notes.

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